Catherine Van Rossum

Catherine has a passion for old buildings. The many challenges of a renovation and the diverse wishes of clients are the perfect opportunity for her to let her creativity flourish. A Civil Engineer with more than 15 years’ experience as a project manager and then more than 15 years’ experience within RMK, she combines her technical expertise with a keen eye for design and detail.

Henri Porcher

As a Master Civil Engineering, Henri gained experience in leading large construction projects (school construction and retirement homes). His love for the customer and his involvement made him choose RMK’s holistic approach, where customer relations are central. With his broad technical knowledge, he is the point of contact for all technical questions and he closely monitors construction sites.

Charlotte Suy

Charlotte has a master in Civil Engineering. She has worked as an expert in building acoustics in large construction teams with many technical disciplines. She puts her broad experience in residential and non-residential projects, from new construction to renovation, to use from the first client contact. Charlotte provides technical support to the design team and prepares smooth execution.

Femke Hendrickx

Femke, an enthusiastic interior designer, embraces challenges and strives for design optimisations according to the client’s wishes. Her broad interests, from design to construction techniques, lead to integrated designs that she smoothly visualises in 2D and 3D.

Laura Tierz Bueno

Laura, a young artistic interior designer from Barcelona, brings her passion for art and design to life in every project. Laura has a broad knowledge of reference projects and architectural trends. With her skills in 2D and 3D project drawings, she visualises designs for clients.

Michael Stevering

With his background as an Industrial Engineer and experience at a German car manufacturer, Michael leads the execution of our projects with precision and efficiency. His thorough approach and smooth communication make him an important link between client, design team and executors.

Maarten Van der Stede

Maarten, Industrial Engineer in Energy, brings his broad knowledge of energy efficiency to every project. Sustainable and energy-efficient renovations are therefore a challenge he is not afraid of. He ensures smooth implementation, supported by RMK’s design team.

Carl Dewever

Carl, a civil engineer and MBA, has 20 years of experience in IT and back-office systems. Within RMK, he monitors financial transparency and ensures accurate invoicing, which is essential within the open book system in which RMK operates.